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I like the shiny things!

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Dec. 11th, 2008 | 11:53 pm
location: chasing a Cheerio across the kitchen floor
mood: crazy crazy
music: the jingle jangle of my bell

I thought it was very sweet of the people of New York to throw a parade in my honor on Thanksgiving Day. It was very sweet. I enjoyed it very much, well, for what parts I could stay awake for. It was an awfully long parade, after all.

The floats were my favorite, especially the one with the big fat Human in red. My Human was telling the other Human who lives here that the big fat Human in red brings presents to good children. I am, of course, the best child there is, so I am expecting a big haul on Christmas Day. The Human has put up my stocking along side the other cats' stockings. Mine is very pretty. It has little pink paw prints on it with fur on the edge. Its nice and warm to sleep in.

The Humans were also kind enough to put up a tree inside the house. It is very big and very tall, so they put lights all over it so I can see my way when I climb to the top. Me and the Humans have this game. I try to climb to the top without being seen and when they see me, they try to get me out of the tree without knocking all of the shiny things off. Those shiny things are so pretty. If you stare at them long enough, you can hypnotize yourself. Queen Missy told me that if I stare at them long enough, I'll go blind, but Jester Curio says that isn't true.  He says if I stare at them long enough I'll see all the mysteries of the world.

I'll keep you posted on the mysteries.

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