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My big world

Jun. 25th, 2009 | 10:34 am
location: staring at screen, hoping something moves!
mood: crazy crazy
music: chirping bird that I will stalk later

Sorry I haven't written much. I've been busy working on my pouncing and my leaping. The humans say I have 'really good sky time', so I guess that means I can jump really good.

There was a really sad thing that happened though. The Prince of the House, the big gray cat who is brother to the Princess, he passed away in January. He was a very good cat and I miss him. We all miss him. I wonder when he will come back for his next life. I'm sure he has many lives left, so I think he will return soon. Maybe he will come back and visit.

I've gotten much bigger and my claws are much sharper. I know this because I am able to make the Humans squirm and make funny noises when I explain to them that I DON'T want to be picked up. I think it is because I am using the big blue thing the Humans like to sit on when they watch the magic square. The big blue thing sharpens my claws so they are as sharp as a tiger's claws! I use the big blue thing all the time. The Humans seem to approve becuase they make loud noises, which I think is cheering, every time they see me use it. The Humans want me to be a big fierce cat when I grow up.

Yesterday, the crazy Human who lives next door came over to visit. I don't like her because she smells like a big ol mean tomcat. Mamma told me to stay away from Toms. This crazy woman always brings things to the house to try to trick me into liking her, like a cave that crinkles. After she left, I explored the cave and discovered something very strange inside.

It smelled wonderful and tasted even better. Then...things began to happen! The cave began to swirl and spin! I got outta there fast and laid down. I noticed there were little floating fluffy things swirling by me, so I tried to grab them with my claws! I couldn't seem to catch any. The Humans were making a funny sound, it kind of echoed in my ears. I heard them use a new word though....cat nip. I wonder what it means?

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I finally caught it!

Dec. 12th, 2008 | 04:54 pm
location: on my pillow, sulking
mood: sore sore
music: The laughing Jester

You see, its like this.I decided to finally GET that long thing that follows me around all the time. I was careful, stalking my prey, just like the Jester taught me. I sat really still for a whole half minute and then I pounced! I managed to get just a little bit of the toy, but it got away and went behind me, so I spun around so it wouldn't get the drop on me. Well, it just kept moving, so I ran around and around and around until I finally caught it!

It was terrible! Horrible! I discovered it is ATTACHED to my behind!


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I like the shiny things!

Dec. 11th, 2008 | 11:53 pm
location: chasing a Cheerio across the kitchen floor
mood: crazy crazy
music: the jingle jangle of my bell

I thought it was very sweet of the people of New York to throw a parade in my honor on Thanksgiving Day. It was very sweet. I enjoyed it very much, well, for what parts I could stay awake for. It was an awfully long parade, after all.

The floats were my favorite, especially the one with the big fat Human in red. My Human was telling the other Human who lives here that the big fat Human in red brings presents to good children. I am, of course, the best child there is, so I am expecting a big haul on Christmas Day. The Human has put up my stocking along side the other cats' stockings. Mine is very pretty. It has little pink paw prints on it with fur on the edge. Its nice and warm to sleep in.

The Humans were also kind enough to put up a tree inside the house. It is very big and very tall, so they put lights all over it so I can see my way when I climb to the top. Me and the Humans have this game. I try to climb to the top without being seen and when they see me, they try to get me out of the tree without knocking all of the shiny things off. Those shiny things are so pretty. If you stare at them long enough, you can hypnotize yourself. Queen Missy told me that if I stare at them long enough, I'll go blind, but Jester Curio says that isn't true.  He says if I stare at them long enough I'll see all the mysteries of the world.

I'll keep you posted on the mysteries.

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What a terrible day!

Nov. 26th, 2008 | 10:10 am
location: laying on the keyboard
mood: aggravated aggravated
music: the hum of the computer

Today was horrible! Terrible! I've never been so upset in my life! You'll never believe the aweful things that happened to me today!

First, the Human fed me. Now that isn't a bad thing, mind you, but I am fed in a special little room that is all my own. I have my own little bed, my own litter box, and my very own food dishes in there. The Human did so a good job in decorating, I'll give her that. But this is the terrible part: she didn't let me out when I tried to tell her I was finished eating! After I called to her, not loudly, just a gentle call.  Well, she must not have heard me, or worse, she was IGNORING me, but she didn't come right away. Well, then I got very upset. I began to cry. I cried and cried until at last I cried myself to sleep in my bed. She FINALLY let me out about 20 minutes later! Its almost a lifetime to be cooped up in there!

Then, the big goofy dog called Apollo was sleeping on the floor. Now, in my opinion, if you sleep on the floor like a carpet, you deserve to get stepped on. So, I stepped on him to get by. He was in my way.  Well, that big oaf sat up, looked at me, and...horrors...LICKED me! I had already given myself a bath and now I had to take another one. Well, fortunately Curio saw the whole thing and he helped my get rid of that dog drool.

Well, I had it out for the dog the rest of the day. I was going to get him back, the first chance I got.  I stalked him for hours. You know, I am a first rate stalker. I can sit for almost an entire minute before I pounce. Anyway, this time, I was stalking the dog and he was sleeping on the floor again. Now its hard to keep your concentration when you are stalking something that doesn't move, so, I decided to take a power nap so that I could really get him when he woke up. Do you know what happened? When I woke up, he had already woken up and walked away. I had to find him again and find a good place to settle in to stalk him.

So there I was, settled beside a pile of fabrics in a basket the Human had placed there just so I could hide...and she moved it! She picked it up and walked off with it! Something about 'doing laundry', but she left my flank exposed! The big, slobbery dog saw me and he got up and walked towards me! There was no place to hide! There wasn't enough time to scramble under the bed and the dog was blocking the door. I was trapped.

He walked over to me, gave me a sniff which got dog snot all over my beautiful coat, then he licked me AGAIN! I had to give myself another bath! Curio helped me once again.

So I was determined to get him. I was going to pounce all over him, I just had to stalk him one more time. Everything was going my way this time. I had good cover, so I slowly approached him. He was sleeping, and I know its bad form to pounce a sleeping enemy, but I had to get him. So I creeped up on him slowly....slowly....and he woke up! I was in mid pounce! I tried to turn around in mid-air, but I haven't learned how to yet. I landed on his shoulder, so he jumped up and I fell to the ground. I looked up at him and I was going to complain about how he messed up a good pounce, and he looked down and licked me AGAIN!

I spent the whole day taking baths! I'll get him someday, just you wait!

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All about me

Nov. 14th, 2008 | 05:40 pm
location: the chair, the desk, the couch, the window, the chair.....
mood: busy busy
music: Sleigh Ride

My name is Macy.  It isn't really my true cat name, but the Human seems to find it attractive. I must say that being named after the world's most famous department store is rather flattering since I am always in the highest fashion.  You should see my collar. I'm sure the bell that announces my presence is solid gold. I deserve it.

I had a rather humble beginning. Today I am 13 weeks old. I was born on August 13, 2008.  My mother was a single mom, very young, who had a hard time dealing with us kids.  I was the youngest and the smallest, so mom tended to look over me.  As my older brothers and sisters left home, mom took it hard.  I was too small to go out on my own, but mom didn't seem to want me either. 

A Human took me to my new home, which is very comfortable.  I have a roof over my head, a warm bed that I am sure has silk pillows, and a litter box that magically cleans itself.  I get meals twice a day.  My Human delivers them very promptly.  I know I am better than the other cats who live here because I am fed separately and have a 'special blend' of food that the big cats don't get.

The other cats who live here are older.  Missy is the Queen and I respect her. She is a calico with black, gold, and white splotches.  She has very pretty eyes that look like she wears mascara, but she doesn't wear make up.  She rules the house very graciously and has taught me that we must be kind to the Human servant because she cleans up after us and knows how to open the food containers. Something about a 'can opener'. I guess good help is hard to find.

Sneakers is a prince around here. He is Queen Missy's brother and seems content to let her rule.  He just enforces her wishes.  Since most everyone here understands she is the Queen, Sneakers doesn't have to do much except monitor the sunshine square on the floor.  He has to track it across the room all day to make sure it doesn't go where it isn't supposed to. He does a good job of this.

Oliver is a Duke.  He has no real power in the house, but he does his duty well and without complaint.  His job is to remind the Human, who seems to need reminding, that our supper time is at exactly 8pm.  She tends to be late on nights when the TV is on.  Oliver sits on her chest and blocks her view so she won't be late.  He does a good job too.

Curio is the Jester.  He is much younger than the other cats, and he likes to play with me.  He likes to run around and he has taught me how to get into the secret places in the house like the laundry hamper and the window sill.  He taught me an easy way to get into the sill.  I can use the conveniently placed strip of cloth to climb up.  My claws can get a good grip to help me get up.  The Human was so clever to put them right by the windows.  Anyway, Curio and I have a great time together.

So now you know about me and the cats I live with.  I'll be posting more as adventures unfold. 


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